SD Vietnam War Memorial Dedication Please Support the Memorial Soldiers, Heroes, and teachers information

SD Vietnam War Memorial Dedication Please Support the Memorial Soldiers, Heroes, and teachers information



In Memory of Marine 1st Lt.

Daniel Leone Anderson

Rapid City, South Dakota, Pennington County

October 17, 1942 - August 25, 1968

Killed in action from hostile rifle fire while on operation in Quang Tri Province, South Vietnam.

Daniel Leone Anderson was born in Rapid City, South Dakota, on October 17, 1942, to Leone and Irene Lucille (Harvey) Anderson. He was an only child of a proud and close family whose roots went back almost 100 years in South Dakota. Daniel grew up in Rapid City. He attended and played football at Rapid City Central High School and graduated from there in 1960. Daniel attended Huron College in Huron, South Dakota, and then transferred to Denver University in Colorado. He graduated from Denver University in 1966 with a degree in Political Science.

1Lt. Daniel L. Anderson entered the Marine Corps in October 1966, and was commissioned a second lieutenant in June 1967 after attending Marine Corps Officer Candidate Training School. He then began the twenty-one week Officerís Basic School and graduated from it on November 1, 1967. 1Lt. Daniel Anderson arrived in Vietnam on December 5, 1967, assigned as a Platoon Commander with Company D, 1st Battalion, 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division that was based near Quang Tri City and later at Camp Evans. Late in January 1968 the regiment was sent south to Phu Bai. When Communist forces took over the city of Hue on January 31, the men of Delta Company 1/1 fought in some of the most deadly street fighting in the Battle for Hue.

After the Battle for Hue, 1st Battalion moved back to Phu Bai where they had several fierce engagements with North Vietnamese forces before going back north to Ca Lu. At Ca Lu, Delta Company Marines were given the task of bringing back the remains of Marines that had been killed in heavy fighting near Hill 689, southwest of Khe Sanh. Lt. Anderson was wounded during this fighting on July 2, 1968 and Delta Company had eleven men killed.

Lt. Anderson was medevaced to one of the field hospitals to recover from those wounds. Just prior to his return to Delta Company he was able to call home to Rapid City where his mother took the call. 1Lt. Andersonís father arrived home about thirty minutes after his wife finished talking with their son. For the past thirty-five years Lt. Andersonís father has regretted that he missed the call and still has the words in his heart that he would have told his son:

SonÖ donít take and more chances in this crazy war that is not being fought to win.

Lt. Anderson returned to Delta Company late in July. D Company had moved from Ca Lu to Con Thien. Late in the afternoon on August 24, 1968, a reconnaissance team found itself surrounded by North Vietnamese forces four miles southeast of Con Thien. A reinforced platoon from Delta Company was helicoptered in to rescue the reconnaissance team. The next morning, the rest of Delta Company was brought in. During the fierce fighting, Lt. Anderson charged a North Vietnamese Army machine gun position that had wounded several of his men. 1Lt. Daniel Leone Anderson was killed in action as a result of hostile rifle fire while trying to protect his men. Sixty-eight men were killed or wounded during this three-day battle with the North Vietnamese. 1Lt. Daniel Leone Anderson was buried at Mountain View Cemetery in Rapid City, South Dakota. 1Lt. Andersonís name can be found on panel 46W, line 011 of the Veteransí Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C.

Photo Courtesy of Sheila Hansen

Natacha Nicole Arneson, 7th grade, Stanley County Middle School, Fort Pierre, South Dakota, May 6, 2005 respectfully submitted this entry. Information for this entry was provided by Leone and Irene Anderson, Rapid City, South Dakota, parents of 1st Lt. Daniel Leone Anderson.


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